We take a look at the best places to find part time in Kilkenny vacancies

Finding full time work can be a big ask these days. With record numbers of people out of work in Ireland and the economy showing no signs of picking up it can be a long, hard slog just to make it as far as the interview process. However you shouldn't feel too disheartened by this, because there are other options available.

For example, there are more and more people turning to the part time job market to get them through these tough times than ever. Because of the fact that it's proving so hard to find full time work, these people have made the decision to get themselves back out there in the workplace no matter what, in order to make enough money to keep them ticking over until the next full time job opportunity presents itself. This cashier job has the added benefit of letting people search for work during their days off, so it really serves multiple purposes.

When looking for part time in Kilkenny vacancies there are a number of routes you can take. If you want to work in a retail environment, you could take a look at the supermarkets in the area. With major Irish chains like Tesco and Super Valu in the area, you'll have the chance to work for two of the biggest employers of part time staff in the country.

Regardless of how much experience you have already, it's unlikely that you'll be able to find yourself anything more than an entry level cashier job. While it might not sound particularly glamourous, you'll still be able to expect between €9.00 and €9.80 per hour for your time, and if you have an outgoing and friendly personality it can be very enjoyable work.

Alternatively, you could look at retail solutions elsewhere, such as Dunnes Stores, Pennys or HMV, who are all active in the area and hire large numbers of part time staff annually. The choice is ultimately up to you, but with a little perseverance you should have no problem finding something that suits your needs.

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