We check out the best part time in High Wycombe vacancies

Deciding on the sector you want to work in is of vital importance when it comes to figuring out the best approach to finding yourself part time in High Wycombe vacancies these days. With so much competition in the job market it's extremely important that you know exactly what you're looking at and are able to maintain enough focus to ensure that you can be successful in your search.

Should you be interested in clerical or administrative work, we recommend that you check out some of the great job agencies in the High Wycombe area. These companies have years worth of experience in placing staff in across a wide range of different companies in the area. In particular we recommend checking out Hays Recruitment (White Hart Street), Adecco (White Hart Street), Select Appointments (Crendon Street) and Catch Appointments (Crendon Street) in order to give yourself the best chance of finding jobs that can earn you between £5.90 and £7.40 per hour - though this figure will ultimately depend on the company you are placed with and the level of experience you can bring to the table.

Alternatively you could take a look at the casual retail sector - the single biggest employer of part time staff in the High Wycombe area. With The Eden Shopping Centre and The Chilterns Shopping Centre in the area, there are a large number of potential employment opportunities available within fairly small areas of High Wycombe, making your job search a whole lot easier. With the most common role in this sector, working as a cashier, you can expect to make between £5.15 and £5.86 per hour.


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