Check out these great potential part time in Gloucester jobs

As with most regions in the United Kingdom, finding part time in Gloucester jobs usually means spending a lot of time checking out the numerous retail outlets in the area and checking which ones need part time help. The past few years have seen a massive increase in the number of people on the unemployment line and this, coupled with the reduction in the number of full time vacancies available, has lead to more and more people seeking out part time employment as a stop gap to get them through tough financial times.

This means that finding a part time job anywhere in the country has become an awful lot more difficult. However that doesn't mean that there aren't any vacancies available, it simply means that you'll have to adjust your expectations and criteria of the jobs that you are willing to take.

If you take a look at some of the biggest employers of part time staff in the Gloucester area, namely the big name supermarkets including Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury's and Morrisons, you'll notice that their part time staff turnover is actually quite high. Another thing you might pick up on is the fact that very few of these vacancies are ever posted on the major job sites.

This will tell you two things. Firstly, that these companies represent your best possible chance of work, and secondly that you're going to need to check in person on a regular basis as to the availability of vacancies.

The majority of the part time work in these supermarkets is in customer service roles. These positions will earn you around £5.93 per hour, however you'll be able to work your way up through the ranks and prove yourself worth a position with more responsibility.


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