We check out some companies with part time in Galway vacancies

While Dublin may be the heart of jobs in Ireland, there are still plenty of highly desirable jobs in the Galway region. From retail work on beautiful Shop Street, to a plethora of civil service jobs, there are always openings for enthusiastic people in Galway. In this blog, we'll be showing you places to look for part time in Galway vacancies.

For those seeking retail jobs in Galway, your port of call should be a stroll down Shop Street to see what vacancies are currently on offer. You can check out the official Shop Street website at shopgalway.com. This site shows you the kind of shops you can expect, and exactly where they are on the street. Unfortunately, you can't apply for roles directly through the site, so the only way to proceed is to pound the streets with your armful of CVs.

Due to the government's policy of moving civil service jobs outside Dublin, there are plenty of civil service roles based in Galway. Vacancies are popping up on the Government jobs page all the time, and you can check it out at publicjobs.ie. Right now, there are a number of vacancies in and around the Galway area up there.

There's also a site dedicated exclusively to finding you a job in Galway, and that site is galwayjobs.ie. This site allows you to check all of the vacancies advertised in the region and even to upload your latest CV so employers can find you at any time.


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