Find the ideal part time in Galway employment opportunity for you today

With the economic problems in Ireland showing absolutely no signs of slowing, there has never been a tougher time to find work on the Emerald Isle. Despite the fact that a few companies are now beginning to get their feet back on stable ground, things are still looking relatively bleak on the employment front for anyone searching for full time jobs.

Fortunately, for anyone looking for a part time in Galway employment opportunity, things are starting to look a slight bit better. Because so many companies are still struggling, the country has seen something of a freeze on full time vacancies, and instead the focus is shifting towards part time jobs.

These jobs are available across a wide range of industries in Galway, and aren't simply limited to the more traditional part time jobs like working in shops or performing casual manual labour. These days you can find part time work doing anything from computer network maintenance to accountancy, and from clerical administrative work to driving.

However you're still going to face an phenomenal amount of competition from other job seekers in Galway City. This means that you're going to need to really polish up your CV in order to make a great first impression. We recommend that your CV is no longer than two pages, and that you leave out any unimportant filler, while ensuring that there are no spelling or grammar errors that could show you in a bad light with potential employers. There are loads of great tips on writing your CV at cvwriting.net that we recommend everyone checks out, no matter what type of work they're looking for.

With so many job sites to choose from, many people find the online job search market quite disjointed in Ireland. For this reason we recommend you stick to the tried and tested sites, which include nixers.com, parttimejobs.ie, careerjet.ie and jobs.trovit.ie. By using these sites you can be sure that you'll have a much better chance of finding a good job with a reputable company to see you through the hard times.

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