We check out ideas for part time in Durham vacancies

Feel like getting up and blowing the cobwebs off your C.V in an attempt to snare yourself a brilliant new job? If you live in Durham then this blog is going to be of interest to you as we run through a few options you have for part time in Durham vacancies (Durham Jobs), so lets check out what's out there!

Given it's location in a central area between Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough, Durham is a brilliant suburban area with lots of excellent facilities and jobs for enterprising individuals. It's even possible, if you have a car, to commute to either of those three cities for employment, but we will focus solely on getting a job in Durham in this blog. Durham County Council is one of the biggest employers in the area, and no job hunt would be complete without checking them out. You can view their website at www.durham.gov.uk. You can also download their "Recruitment Pack" at this site, which is basically an application form for jobs with the council.

Another large employer in the area is Durham University, and the good news is that they are currently hiring for admin positions on their website at www.dur.ac.uk/jobs/. You can apply here for current vacancies, or else register your email address for job alerts when a position becomes available. Brilliant eh?

For an overview of all of the jobs available in the Durham area, then we recommend checking out Total Jobs, and their Durham page at www.totaljobs.com. This site allows you to register your C.V, so they will contact you if anything suitable pops up!

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