We look at finding part time jobs in Dundee with recruitment agencies

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Are you looking for part time work? Maybe you are a student who needs to earn some extra cash to support your studies or perhaps you already have a career but need an extra earner to make ends meet. Whatever your reason, finding part time jobs in Dundee with recruitment agencies can save you loads of time and get you a very good job with a reputable company.

First of all, you must call into the recruitment agency with your most recent CV and have a chat with one of their specialist recruitment consultants. They will discuss your CV in detail with you and get a good understanding about the kind of work you are looking for.

They will then match your skills with any available positions they may have. If they find something they think will interest you, they will give you a call within a few days. If they have nothing immediately, they will keep your CV on file until something turns up.

Most recruitment agencies now have an online presence. Simply conduct a search on Google for "Dundee recruitment agencies" and you will get a list of agencies in the area.

Most recruitment agencies have jobs from almost every industry. You may find it easier getting part time work in retail, call centres or the hospitality sector.

Some of the most reputable recruitment agencies in Dundee are:

  • Search Consultancy, 5 Whitehall Crescent, Dundee
  • Brook Street, 53 Reform Street, Dundee
  • Key Personnel Agency, 26 East Dock Street, Dundee
  • DEAP Ltd, Dundonald Street, Dundee

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