Part time in Dundee job search - where to look?

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Finding a part time job can prove to be a challenge due to the current economic climate we find ourselves living in. As most companies are now faced with smaller profits you may find your part time in Dundee job search to be a daunting challenge.

Finding part time jobs has always been more difficult than sourcing full time positions. This is due to the high cost of advertising these positions. It simply does not pay for smaller companies to advertise part time jobs on the internet.

You may find that the best place you will come across part time positions is in the local media. Old fashioned ways of job hunting such as newspaper classifieds and radio advertisements are becoming more popular again due to the much lower costs associated with advertising the job. One local newspaper which has excellent vacancies in it is The Courier.

You can also bundle a load of CVs together and take a walk through Dundee with a positive attitude. You will be surprised at how many available jobs you may come across by simply calling into some local companies and talking with the managers.

Your CV should have all your previous work experience included as well as a brief summary of any qualifications you may have relating to the position. If you feel your CV is not up to scratch, simply call into your local job centre where they will be happy to assist you with it.

We wish you look with your part time jobs in Dundee search!

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