Find yourself a great part time in Dundee employment opportunity with these tips

Given the somewhat volatile nature of the current job market right now it can pay to spend a little time searching for the type of advice that can really chance the way you search for work forever. With thousands of people currently out of work and searching for the same jobs as you, many of them with better qualifications, you're going to need an approach that'll ensure that you can make yourself really stand out from the crowd.

There are several ways for you to do this, and we're going to talk you through a few of them today. Firstly, in order to help you with your search for a part time in Dundee employment opportunity you'll need to help yourself. It really pays if you can narrow down the type of work you're looking for to one or two main categories.

Perhaps you're looking for something clerical, but would also consider a telesales role. Or maybe you want something in retail. These decisions can have a knock on effect on where and how you search for jobs, so it's very important you make a decision early on so that you can focus on the task at hand.

Next, you want to search all the local job resources available to you. This includes local community message boards, job postings at your local job centres, classifieds sections in local newspapers and on local radio and, of course, putting the feelers our through your network of friends, family and former colleagues to find if there are any jobs available that are right for you.

Once that's done, it's just a case of getting your CV up to scratch (you can find great CV writing tips at cvwriting.com) and getting your applications sent off!

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