We check out some great opportunities for part time in Dundalk recruitment

We all know about the economic crisis and how it is continuing to affect Ireland, but despite what the media would like to keep ramming down our throats, things are starting to improve on the work front quite a bit. While there are still a dearth of full time job opportunities available, the part time job market is gradually building up a head of steam as we move towards the future.

One area which holds some great part time in Dundalk recruitment opportunities is the retail sector. While consumer spending is still nowhere close to the pre recession levels, things are starting to look up a little bit which means that companies are now more willing to bring in part time staff in order to fulfil customer demand.

In particular, we recommend that you take a look at some of the more established chains in the Dundalk area, specifically Super Valu and Tesco. As huge national stores, these companies have both built reputations for the very highest standards in customer service and employee treatment. While they might not be the kind of roles you have dreamt of, they will offer you solid pay (with entry level positions ranging from around €9.10 to €9.50 per hour) and an enjoyable working experience.

You'll also be afforded the opportunity to progress upwards thanks to ongoing training and up skilling practices. It's also worth noting that these companies are renowned for promoting from within, so if you impress there's always going to be the chance of building a great career for yourself.


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