We can help in your part time in Dublin job search

We know how tough it can be to find work anywhere in Ireland these days. You only need to turn on the radio or open a newspaper to see that the doom and gloom stories are continuing unabated, with few positives to be found in terms of stories about the economy. However despite all the bad news the Irish people have once again proven themselves to be a hardy breed, and are managing to adapt and go about their business in whatever way necessary.

No matter what kind of work you did previously, it's going to be very important that you are flexible in terms of the positions you are looking for in your part time in Dublin job search right now. It's not important how much responsibility you used to have, or how much you used to make, right now it's simply about getting yourself back into the workforce as quickly as you possibly can and avoiding long drawn out periods of unemployment that could ultimately put off potential employers in your future.

For our money, the best way to find employment in the current Irish job market is to take on the assistance of one of the many excellent recruitment agencies in the nation's capital. It's the responsibility of these companies to place staff in the most suitable jobs available, ensuring that all criteria are met and that the fit is good.

Most of these positions tend to be in the clerical field, so previous experience there would be a bonus, although not essential. For the most part, you can expect to earn between €8.20 and €9.15 per hour for agency placed positions, but as you gain experience you should find that you have more bargaining power at your disposal.

We recommend you check out Brightwater Recruitment (36 Merrion Square), Bay Group Recruitment (9 Fitzwilliam Street Upper) and Progressive Placements (47 Lower Leeson Street) to give yourself the best possible chance of success in your search.


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