The best place to get a part time in Dublin employment opportunity

If you're living in Dublin and looking to supplement your income with a part time job, then despite the current economic doom and gloom, you'll likely find there are plenty of jobs out there for enterprising individuals, you just need to know where to look. In this blog we'll be pointing you towards the best part time in Dublin employment opportunity.

Call us old fashioned, but in our opinion , the best way to get yourself a part-time job is still to pound the pavement and drop a host of CVs into prospective employers. Getting to meet them and leaving an impression is still worth a hell of a lot in a competitive job market. However, that doesn't mean you should ignore online job postings - far from it in fact!

Your first online stop off point should be the specialist jobs site for part-time employment in Ireland - parttimejobs.ie. Simply click on the page for Dublin, and you'll be brought to a page containing hundreds of job postings in Ireland's capital. When we checked, there was 379 different job postings online, quite an amount for a country supposedly in the economic doldrums! All you have to do to apply for the jobs is mail in your CV as well as a cover letter.

Your next port of call should be the much maligned Gumtree at gumtree.ie. Gumtree is an online notice board where people can put up postings about things for sale, or jobs on offer. It's absolutely brilliant for finding casual part-time employment from smaller shops and businesses that you may not find on conventional job sites. It's well worth a look!

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