We can help you find great part time in Dover Kent jobs

When you're looking for part time work in any region of the United Kingdom you are much better off focusing on the major retail hot spots than simply searching for work on the countless internet job sites. Since these sites mainly focus on full time work, they can be quite poor when it comes to finding part time job opportunities, and the time wasted searching could be better spent checking out various stores in person.

There are two main approaches that we suggest you take when searching for jobs in person, especially for part time in Dover Kent jobs. Firstly, you could start at the top and focus on the companies who are proven without doubt to be the biggest and most reliable employers of part time staff in the United Kingdom. We are of course talking about the giant supermarket chains like Morrisons, Tesco, Iceland and Costcutter, each of which are represented in the Dover area.

These companies are always on the lookout for part time staff for a variety of roles including cashier, customer services, drivers and merchandise stockists. While the wage for each of these positions will vary depending on the store in question, it's fair to expect between £5.36 and £6.47 per hour.

Alternatively, you could take a look at the Charlton Shopping Centre. As Dover's only purpose build shopping centre, it houses the vast majority of the different retail outlets present in the area. With plenty of choice on offer including shops, clothing stores, game stores, department stores and restaurants should be something there to suit everyone's employment needs.

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