We look for part time in Crawley vacancies

If you're on the look out for part time in Crawley vacancies, then there are some bits and pieces of information that we can pass on to you to really speed up your search. By following this handy guide, you should be able to find yourself a great part time job in absolutely no time at all - potentially saving you weeks of trawling through the countless online job sites to be found today.

Like most areas in the United Kingdom, Crawley is fortunate enough to be served by quite a few of the country's major supermarket chains. You'll find ASDA, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Tesco Express, The Co-Op, Iceland and Morrisons all within fifteen minutes of the town centre. These companies have got years of proven experience in delivering enjoyable part time working environments, while also offering great career progression possibilities for anyone who decides that they'd like to stay on and try to work their way into a more senior position.

Your starting role with these companies will depend on your previous work experience. If you have any prior managerial or supervisory experience, you might be able to get yourself an entry level managerial position, such as weekend manager or shift manager. For a role like this you can expect to start on about £6.80 to £7.02 per hour.

For those of you lacking this experience, you'll be able to start as a cashier earning between £5.50 and £5.87 per hour. In this role you'll be dealing with customers on a daily basis, so having a pleasant and outgoing personality is essential in order to get the most enjoyment out of your new job.


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