Are you on the part time in Cork job search? Let us help!

Living in Cork and looking to secure work for yourself? It's a tough jobs market out there, but there are still plenty of openings for enthusiastic people with plenty of companies starting to search for new staff again after a rough few years. If you're on a part time in Cork job search, then we have plenty of places for you to have a look.

The first port of call for any part time job seeker in Cork should be a good old fashioned walk around the city to distribute CVs among businesses, and looking for any "Help Wanted" signs that may be dotted around. This is still, in our opinion, one of the best ways to hook yourself up with a casual job, and it can't be beaten for creating a good first impression.

If you'd prefer to do your job seeking online, then there are a host of job sites dedicated to getting you a part time job in Cork. The first we recommend checking out nixers.com, and putting in Cork as your location. Nixers.com is Ireland's dedicated part time job site. Any part time job going in Cork will be advertised on the site, meaning you get an overall picture of the current job market in the region.

Any job seeker in Ireland should pay a visit to jobs.ie also, as it's probably the most extensive site overall. It has by far the biggest amount of job postings, and its dedicated Cork section is a fantastic resource for applying for jobs, part time or otherwise. Simply type up a cover letter and send it off with your CV and before long, your dream job will come rolling along!

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