We can help you find part time in Colchester vacancies

Finding work can be trickier than most people think these days, especially because of the ongoing effects of the global economic crisis. However for anyone looking for part time in Colchester vacancies, we've got some great news. There are a number of big companies in the area who are always on the lookout for energetic and enthusiastic staff in order to supplement their core of full time employees, and should you be willing to work in the fast paced environment of the retail sector, you'll have a number of great opportunities to choose from.

As the major employers of part time staff in Colchester, Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons and Iceland have built up excellent reputations for treating their staff very well, while paying excellent entry level wages of between £5.13 and £6.04 per hour for roles including cashier and floor operative. These positions also carry the promise of promotion from within should you impress your superiors, as well as the option for additional on the job training in order to help improve your skill set to benefit both you and your employer.

Working as a cashier means that you'll be in constant contact with your customers, so it's very important that you have a pleasant and outgoing personality and are willing to engage in chit chat in order to make the customers feel more at ease. Making the shopping experience more enjoyable is key to being a success in this role.

As a floor operative, you'll have less contact with the public, but instead you'll be tasked with making the store a much more enjoyable place to be. You'll be responsible for making sure that it's clean and tidy, and that all displays are full of stock.


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