The best part time in bury lancashire jobs for students

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Working part time can help to bring in some extra well needed cash. With the rising costs associated with having an education, more and more students are finding themselves having to look for part time in Bury, Lancashire jobs.

The problem with students finding work is that you can only do a limited number of hours due to your study commitments. As well as this, you have to be careful that you don't work too many late nights. You don't want all your hard work in college or university to be affected! So where should you look for suitable work to support your college years?

Retail is many students' favourite choice. The hours are suitable as retail shops usually aren't open after 9pm and the weekends are the busiest time. This lets you evenly balance your study, work and social life. You could try the Millgate shopping centre at The Mall in Bury. There are many shops there that you could drop a CV into in the hope of securing a part time job.

If retail isn't your thing, there are many bars and restaurants that you could try in the area. If they request you to work late nights, try to keep this to weekends only. There is also a large selection of restaurants in the area that regularly can be seen advertising for waiting staff.

The best way to find these positions is to simply take a walk through Bury town centre and drop your CVs into as many shops as you possibly can! We hope this helps you with your search for part time in Bury, Lancashire jobs.

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