Looking for part time work in Bolton? Find an employment opportunity!

There are numerous part time jobs in Bolton. An employment opportunity can be found to suit almost any hours. Whether you need to work nights, or as little as two hours a week, you can find a job to suit your needs.

Some of the most common part time job opportunities in Boston are listed below:

Part Time Cleaner

Cleaning is a popular part time opportunity because the hours can be fitted around other job opportunities. You can choose whether to be self employed, advertising locally to clean homes in the area; working through an agency such as Bolton's CG Cleaning or Maids of Honour; or work a corporate position, cleaning in the early morning or overnight.


Tourism and entertainment play a part in the local economy, and consequently numerous security positions exist for part time workers at events, bars, restaurants and even Bolton's G Casino. Acting as a door supervisor for a club or bar during the evening, or supervising security for Bolton Wanderers FC on the weekend, you can add a part time security job without interfering with your existing commitments.

Customer Service

A wide variety of part time customer service positions are available at Bolton's "Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Park". The park includes a variety of entertainment options, such as the Screen Vue multiplex cinema and a 26-lane bowling alley. Shops at the park include a 24 hour ASDA; Argos, Marks and Spencer, Boots and more, all of which offer part time shifts. The park even includes two hotels, and part time customer service positions can be found within the hospitality industry.

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