Part time in Blackpool jobs have a lot on offer

A broad range of part time in Blackpool jobs can be found in the tourist industry. Blackpool is the most popular seaside resort in the UK and tourism is a major contributor to the towns economy.

A host of part time jobs are available in Blackpool especially in high season. You could find yourself renting deckchairs on the beach or working as a tour guide.

Blackpool is full of attractions including model villages, nature reserves, theme parks, museums, galleries and entertainment venues. Tour guides are always in demand during the main summer season as there is so much to see and do.

Jobseekers can call into the tourist information centre for information on tour guide vacancies. You can also apply directly to the many businesses involved in tourism.

Restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, hotels, night clubs and take aways are always looking for part time employees in Blackpool. The retail sector also provides many part time jobs. Some of the major employers in the town include Burtons Foods, Klarius UK and the Glasdon Group.

Jobsites such as gumtree.com, ideed.co.uk and totaljobs.com advertise part time vacancies in Blackpool. Newspapers, job centres, recruitment agencies, radio stations and community notice boards are also useful tools for jobseekers.

For year round work many people stick to part time jobs in cleaning, childcare and deliveries. Networking and speaking to business owners and HR personnel can help you secure the part time job you want.

Part time in Blackpool jobs are alive with choice but the jobs won't come to you, you'll need to get busy.


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