We can help you in your search for part time in Blackburn Lancashire jobs

Despite what you might be hearing from the media, there are actually quite a few excellent part time in Blackburn Lancashire jobs available out there for anyone who knows how to find them. While many people fall into the trap of searching for them using the countless online job sites, you'll have a much better chance of finding part time work by simply brushing up on your local knowledge and doing a little research into which companies are doing the hiring in the area.

Like most parts of the United Kingdom, Blackburn plays host to a number of huge supermarket chains. Within a few minutes of the city centre you'll find Morrisons, Tesco and ASDA, and if you travel a little further you'll find Sainsbury's and The Co-Op. With these companies being the major providers of part time work in the Blackburn area, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be able to find a position with at least one of them that suits your needs.

The most common position with these supermarkets is the role of cashier. In this position it'll be your responsibility to act as the face of the company. You'll need to be pleasant and friendly to all customers while scanning and bagging their purchases. A familiarity with dealing with tills is a bonus, but certainly not essential since on the job training will be provided. You'll be able to earn between £5.30 and £5.85 per hour for this kind of role, but you'll also be eligible for additional on the job training that could enable you to get yourself a better position with the company.

There are often a number of managerial positions available on a part time basis too, for anyone with experience in supervisory roles. You can expect to earn between £6.80 and £7.35 for these positions.

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