We look at some of the top part time in Birmingham recruitment agencies

Have you been out of work for what seems like forever? Are you sick and tired of spending countless hours every single day clicking around dozens of different online job sites only to find that you never receive so much as an acknowledgement for any of your job applications? Well you certainly aren't the only one. As the country's financial troubles continue an ever increasing number of people are finding it harder and harder to motivate themselves to stay in the job hunt.

At the end of the day there is only so long that each of us can continue for without feeling disheartened and demoralised, so surely there's got to be a viable alternative out there that can get you back into the work force without causing you all the heartache that the online job search has been responsible for?

Fortunately, there is. There are a number of great part time in Birmingham recruitment agencies who have got years worth of experience in placing their clients in temporary positions with some of the biggest and most trustworthy companies in the Birmingham area.

For the most part, these positions will be entry level clerical roles, and you can expect to earn between £6.00 and £6.80 per hour after the agency has taken its cut, but those of you who have prior experience in managerial roles may find that you can find something a little more lucrative.

Out of all the agencies in the Birmingham area we recommend Pertemps located at 16-18 Temple Street, Kelly Services found at Neville House, 14 Waterloo Street and Blue Arrow who you can find at 61 New Street. These companies are among the biggest names in the local industry and should be able to find you a position that suits your personality and work experience in no time at all.


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