Ideas for part time in Belfast jobs (Part time work in Belfast)

Living in Belfast and looking to put a little extra coin in your pocket? With this thriving city currently buzzing, you have plenty of places to check out for part time in Belfast jobs (Part time work in Belfast). So in this blog we are going to try and give you a few ideas for jobs to check out in Belfast. Lets take a look!

Belfast has bounced back from the recent global economic crisis and is a city on the rise. This is reflected in the sheer number of jobs that are available in the city right now. For anyone job seeking, we recommend starting off by getting an overview of the market by checking out the Northern Ireland jobfinder at www.nijobfinder.co.uk/. This site gives you an overview of the types of vacancies there are around the area, and you can also apply for them too.

As the seat of government for Northern Ireland, there are plenty of jobs to be found with the Northern Ireland civil service, and you can check out all of the current available roles at www.nicsrecruitment.gov.uk/. This site lets you search in different specialties depending on your area of expertise, so it is well worth checking out!

If you have always wanted to get your start in the media industry then why not check out the jobs on offer at UTV? The broadcaster continues to go from strength to strength, and their strong focus on local issues means plenty of jobs need to be filled at local level. Check out their current vacancies at www.u.tv/.



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