We take a look at some part time in Basildon recruitment opportunities

When looking for part time work, the most reliable sector is undoubtedly the retail industry. Since there are so many different retail outlets in the United Kingdom, and most of them employ at least a handful of part time staff, there are a huge amount of positions to be filled on a fairly regular basis. With consumer confidence growing and more and more money being spent on a monthly basis, things are finally starting to open up again for anyone searching for part time in Basildon recruitment opportunities.

When looking for part time retail work in the Basildon area, we advise going against the tradition of searching for positions online. Since the majority of job sites are geared towards finding full time work, using them to search for part time positions can ultimately prove to be a frustrating experience and, as we all know, the key to being successful over a sustained job search is to ensure that you remain as positive as possible at all times.

Instead, we recommend that you print off a number of CVs and do the leg work yourself. There are a number of hot spots for part time retail work in Basildon, and you should check each and every one of them out to give yourself the best chance of finding work. You can expect to make between £5.47 and £6.13 per hour working part time in retail, but this could increase as your experience grows.

We suggest you check out Eastgate Shopping Centre as a priority, since it contains dozens of retail outlets who are continually looking to add to their staff on a part time basis to deal with increased consumer demand.

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