Want to get into part time hotel catering jobs in Dublin?

Thinking of switching careers and getting yourself into the Hotel industry in Dublin? After a couple of lean years, Ireland is a destination on everyone lips once again thanks to the recent visits of both Barack Obama and the Queen to the Emerald Isle. The coming year looks to be a bumper one for Ireland and as a result, the hotel industry is looking for staff once again. In this blog, we are going to show you how to secure a part time hotel catering jobs in Dublin - so let's take a look!

Unfortunately during the recession, many foreign nationals who worked in the hotel industry and lost their jobs left the country, leaving a vacuum that needs filling. That gap is apparent as soon as you check out the Irish Hotel Jobs website at hoteljobs.ie as there is a massive number of jobs being advertised right now. The site covers the entire country, but simply tailor your search to Dublin only to find all the local vacancies.

For a slightly different perspective on your hotel job search, we recommend pointing your browser towards Loadza Jobs and their Hotel section at loadzajobs.ie/hotel-jobs. Right now, to give an example of the job situation in the hotel market, there are 92 open vacancies for hotel jobs in Dublin on this site, so even the non specialist sites have a host of jobs available for you to choose from!

If you fancy dealing with a recruitment agency, then we highly recommend checking out what Action Recruitment can do for you at actionrecruitment.ie. Action Recruitment are specialists in the hotel industry, and they allow you to upload your CV so you can be contacted about jobs.


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