Part Time Hospital Jobs for College Students

Finding part time hospital jobs for college students can make all the difference between completeing a medical degree and having to drop out due to the cost of education. But what kind of part time jobs can a student find in a hospital? We've searched high and low and have a golden resource for you.

Job Is Job

Part time hospital jobs for college students can be difficult to come across but if found then they can be hugely beneficial to medical students down the line in terms of knowing what to expect when taking up a graduate role in a hospital.

Job Is Job UK is a great resource for any student looking for part time work during college downtime. For medical students looking for part time jobs in a hospital, input the term "part time NHS" in to the keyword field and then choose your town or city.

One example of part time hospital work is a part time oncology pharmacist based in a hospital in London. This job pays £25 per hour and applicants are expected to work 2 days a week. This kind of arrangement is ideal for a medical student to continue their studies without impacting too much on study time.

Another great example is a part time Call Handler with Suffolk Community Healthcare. The successful applicant will be expected to answer and process phone calls as well as processing walk in cases to the centre. There are plenty of other part time opportunities advertised on Job is Job so be sure to check out www.jobisjob.co.uk for a full list of part time NHS jobs.

Free Advice

For very helpful advice on taking up part time hospital jobs for college students visit www.medicalcareers.nhs.uk/medical_students/summer_jobs_and_part-time_work.aspx. Here you can get a good idea of the types of part time positions that are available to students while also giving advice on how to balance your studies and a part time job.

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