Are you interested in a part time Hertfordshire job?

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You'd be surprised at how easy it is to find a part time Hertfordshire job. These positions are perfect for students looking for a little extra pocket money and new parents who are trying to supplement their income.

The retail industry is one of the biggest sources of part time jobs in Hertfordshire. The advantages of working in the retail industry include sociable working hours and a minimum amount of qualifications required to secure a position. As with any job, experience is a bonus but not an essential requirement.

Most part time positions in the retail industry only pay the minimum wage. However, wages can be increased over time with hard work and dedication to your job.

The Galleria Outlet Shopping Centre in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, is an excellent place to look for part time jobs in the retail industry. With 85 designer outlets and stores, 10 restaurants and cafes and a 9 screen cinema in the shopping centre, the opportunities for part time workers are immense.

Take a walk around the shopping centre and keep your eye out for 'help wanted' signs in shop windows. It's a good idea to have a bunch of CVs with you when you're doing this to drop into the businesses.

You can also find a number of part time jobs available in Hertfordshire for carers, admin staff and other positions on job sites such as Jobs 24 and Job is Job. These sites are well worth checking daily if you're serious about finding a part time Hertfordshire job.

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