Check out this guide to part time Hastings East Sussex jobs

We often find ourselves asked about the best ways to find part time work in the United Kingdom, but the fact is that the answer differs wildly depending which area of the country we are talking about. While some are focussed on the more industrial side of things, others tend to be better suited to those who are searching for clerical or administrative work. The only thing that tends to remain fairly constant wherever you are in the country is part time retail work in the various supermarket chains.

When it comes to findding part time Hastings East Sussex jobs, you'll find that you're much better off focussing on finding part time work in Tesco (Havelock Road), Iceland (Castle Street) and Morrisons (Queens Road) as well as the various businesses in the area searching for administrative staff on a part time basis.

The supermarkets we mentioned are easily the major employers of part time workers in the region, employing hundreds of staff between them. For anyone with prior experience working in the retail sector they provide the most logical solution to finding part time work. You can expect to start on an hourly wage of between £5.50 and £7.45, but this can increase depending on experience.

When it comes to finding clerical work in the area, we recommend you avail of the services of some of the excellent recruitment agencies in Hastings. In particular, we recommend taking a look at CDH Recruitment (13a Prospect Place), Interwork Recruitment Consultants (22 Robertson Street), Blue Arrow (13 Cambridge Road) and Sammons Group (55 Havelock Road). With plenty of experience and countless contacts between them, these agencies will be able to sort you out with a number of great opportunities in the Hastings area.

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