Earn extra cash with part time Hampshire jobs

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Hampshire is a good place to be if you are looking for part time work. The county is home to some major employers who make a significant contribution to the local economy. Many of these employers offer part time Hampshire jobs in a variety of roles.

Hampshire has a considerably higher than national average employment in high-tech industries.

Employers such as BAE Systems Ltd in Farnborough provide employment in the development, delivery and support of advanced defence and aerospace systems. Employing approximately 2,000 staff they are are big player in the area.

IBM, who are involved in IT services and products, have their UK head office in Portsmouth and are constantly seeking part time employees to join their large workforce.

Similarly B&Q, the home improvement retailers based in Eastleigh, offer a variety of part time jobs across the whole range of their business.

Tourism is major supplier of part time work in the county. The New Forest is a National Park and attracts million of visitors each year. Southampton Boat Show is a huge attraction and guarantees part time work in the service industry every year.

Portsmouth and Southampton are both large ports. There is a Royal Navy base in Portsmouth and Southampton handles a large proportion of the national container freight.

Part time jobs can be sourced in a variety of ways including jobsites, newspapers, recruitment agencies, jobcentres, temping agencies, recruitment fairs and radio stations.

Part time Hampshire jobs are available but they won't come looking for you! It is important to remember that part time jobs are constantly being created and filled and in many situations it is first come, first served.

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