We check out some ideas for part time greater Manchester careers

Ah Manchester, despite the rain, this city remains one of the coolest in the UK thanks to it's thriving music scene and the presence of two of the powerhouses of the English football scene in Manchester City and Manchester Utd. The city is also a bustling hive of activity for job seekers thanks to a massive and successful retail sector and a huge civil service presence. If you are on the hunt for idea for part time greater Manchester careers then this blog is for you!

Jobseekers in Manchester have a host of different places they can scope out for a job. We highly recommend you check out the mecca of shopping in the city, and that is Manchester's Arndale Shopping Centre and you can find it online at manchesterarndale.com. The Arndale is one of the UK's biggest shopping centres, boasting a whopping 240 different shops. Handily, there is even a jobs page on their site, so you can check out the current vacancies without even leaving your home!

Looking for something in more of an office environment? We recommend checking out what vacancies are being advertised on the Manchester Government site at manchester.gov.uk/jobs. As one of the largest local councils in the UK, there is always bound to be a role available to suit your skills. So check back regularly until you find the role that suits you!

For every other type of job out there in Manchester, we recommend pointing your browser towards Monster's extensive job searching website at monster.co.uk/Manchester. This site will give you an overview of all of the roles currently available in the Manchester area, and it allows you to tailor your search for vacancies in specific fields.


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