We check out some idea for part time Greater London careers

If you are on the job hunt in the Greater London area, then you are one lucky person. There is no better place in the UK to search for a job. In this blog we're going to attempt to remove some of the leg work from your job hunt by pointing you in the direction of part time Greater London careers that might be of interest.

There are a huge variety of amazing employers in the Greater London area, so it would be impossible to cover them all, but hopefully we give you a flavour of some of the companies you could potentially be working for soon. The first company we suggest you check out is the BBC. The BBC are one of the biggest employers in London at their massive television centre complex, and all of their posts are advertised online at bbc.co.uk/careers. Even if you have no interest in journalistic endeavours, the BBC have a huge variety of different jobs available from delivery drivers to admin staff. They are well worth a look!

Another company with a big presence in London is the House of Fraser, and you can check out some of their current vacancies at their website - houseoffraser.co.uk. The jobs offered by House of Fraser are a little more retail based, and the perks such as staff discount and flexible working hours make them a great company to work for. Check them out!

The final company we suggest you check out is Standard Chartered at standardchartered.com/careers. Standard are one of the UK's fastest growing financial institutions and as such, always seem to have a wide range of brilliant vacancies available for financially minded people. We highly recommend checking them out today!

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