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Are you having difficulty finding a part time job at the moment? The recent downturn in the economy crippled the job market but thankfully, things are starting to pick up again. When looking for the latest part time Gloucestershire jobs it's important to remember to first make sure your CV is looking its best.

Your CV should be up to date and free from any spelling or grammatical errors. You also need to make sure that any experience you have on it is relevant for the position you are applying to. Always have two references on your CV and make sure that it is no more than two pages long.

Now that your CV is looking exceptionally well, it's time to start job hunting! Taking a walk through the town centre with a bunch of CVs is the best way to find part time Gloucestershire jobs.

Make sure that you check out the Kings Walk Shopping Centre. You will find over 50 high street shops under one roof, all of them needing part time staff to help run the business. Fashion outlets such as Animal, BHS and Primark are all located here. To work in a clothes shop, you don't usually need any previous experience, just a flair for fashion and a friendly personality. Expect to earn between £5.50 and £7 an hour working in one of these stores.

You can find a range of part time Gloucestershire jobs on the internet. Check out some of the following recruitment websites:

  • ukparttimejobs.co.uk
  • nixers.com
  • totaljobs.com

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