How to find part time flexible jobs

If you have family obligations or are seeking a better work-life balance, you may prefer to work part time. More and more people are searching for part time flexible jobs to add to their income.These jobs are not usually advertised and so finding them can be a struggle.


One of the best ways to find a part time flexible job is to ask around your network of family and friends. Often, small businesses need part time staff to help out during busy periods and will take on family members (or friends of friends). Widen your circle of acquaintances to give yourself the best chance of finding a suitable job.

Approach Businesses

Many employers will not advertise part time jobs, especially if they require flexible working. Try sending in your CV on a speculative basis to companies that you would like to work for. They might just be looking for part time staff with your qualifications.


If you have a friend or colleague with similar experience, you could join together and offer your services on a job-share basis. Obviously, you would have to negotiate the precise terms of the job-share, but it’s possible to find an arrangement that suits everyone.

Recruitment Agencies

National recruitment agencies such as Reed - reed.co.uk - specialise in part time jobs across the United Kingdom. For women based in London, Women Like Us – womenlikeus.org.uk – offers part time jobs in a wide range of businesses. Gumtree – gumtree.com – also lists local jobs, many of which are flexible and part time.


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