We take a look for part time evening and weekend jobs in London, England

These days finding part time work can be almost as competitive as finding a full time job. With so many people on there all competing for the same limited number of positions, it means that thing can get quite tight when it comes to the crunch. In order to avoid this high level of competition, there are a number of alternative approaches you can take to the traditional online job search.

Despite the fact that the internet has made our lives an awful lot easier in these past few years, the fact that the economy is struggling as it is means that many people are finding the search for jobs online a much trickier proposition than it was a few years ago. Fortunately there are alternatives to spending countless hours clicking away through dozens of different jobs sites.

When searching for part time evening and weekend jobs in London England, we recommend that you utilise all your local knowledge and try to stay away from the internet where possible. With the retail sector being the major provider of part time jobs in the London area, it makes sense to focus your search on the main hubs of that kind of business.

There are countless shopping centres in London that each contain dozens of well known shops, franchise chains and institutions, and these places are always on the look out for part time workers. Depending on the store, you can expect to make in the region of £5.40 to £6.30 per hour for your work as a retail assistant, the most common part time vacancy available in London today.

In particular, we recommend that you take a closer look at Victoria Place Shopping Centre, Cardinal Place and Covent Garden Market in order to stand the best chance of finding part time work that suits your requirements.

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