How to find part time evening and weekend jobs in London

Your first port of call when looking for part time evening and weekend jobs in London ought to be the government's own Jobseeker's website at jobseekers.direct.gov.uk, which allows you to search regionally for jobs working specific numbers of hours per week.

Additionally, the multitude of commercial websites listing vacancies - such as monster.co.uk, fish4.co.uk, and totaljobs.com - are also worthy of regular visits, since they often list exclusive job opportunities by arrangement with certain employment agencies.

Indeed, in any job search, it's a good idea to register with local employment agencies specialising in your preferred type of work, and a hunt for part time evening and weekend jobs in London is no different.

Hot Recruit (located at hotrecruit.com) specialises in seasonal, part time and temporary recruitment in a variety of sectors of the London job market. You can find more information by calling 0845 468 0568. Alternatively, if you are interested in secretarial, administrative and office jobs in London, you can register with the imaginatively named Secs in the City (secsinthecity.co.uk).

If you have some flexibility regarding your working hours and income, and you're finding it difficult to acquire more conventional part time evening and weekend jobs in London, it's well worth considering doing some freelance work, or working at home.

Websites such as project4hire.com, freelancer.co.uk, and odesk.com allow freelance writers, web designers and others to bid for work tasks, with the victor chosen by the task setter.

If you are a student, or have been a student within the last 12 months, you can register on studentgems.com to access listings of special freelance opportunities in a vast range of fields, from freelance writing to customer service, publishing, sales and much more besides.

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