Looking for the best part time degree courses in the UK?

Not everyone can afford to go to university for a degree if it means studying full time. But, with an opportunity to get a degree part time, doors suddenly open for a lot more people. These part time degree courses are some of the best in the UK, and offer students a way to get an undergraduate degree either right after high school or even later on in life.

University of Derby (derby.ac.uk/part-time) - One of the best universities in the country for part time degrees, the University of Derby offers most of their degrees on a part time basis. Why not study Accounting, American Studies, Creative Writing, Education, Mechanical Engineering, Computing, or Social Work? All of these and over 200 more subjects are available to study part time.

Read all the information on the university website (and there's a lot!), then order a prospectus. There are so many options at University of Derby, you may even find yourself with several degrees.

University of Kent (kent.ac.uk/courses/part-time) - Another wonderful UK university offering part time degree courses, the University of Kent has study opportunities in several locations including Medway, Tonbridge and Canterbury.

Here, you can take a part time degree course in more than 400 subjects, including French, History, Politics, Philosophy and English. Their website lists all the qualifications you'll need for each level of degree, and excellent information on how to secure funding.

They also offer short courses, if you want to get your feet wet before committing to an entire degree.

Glasgow Caledonian University (gcu.ac.uk/study/part-timedegrees) - One of the first UK universities to offer part time degree courses, Glasgow Caledonian University has undergraduate and post graduate degree courses.

Look at Engineering, Law, Marketing, Nursing, Education, and Construction, just to name a few. You can even do a part time MBA if you're working too much to be able to commit to time off for study.

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