Find yourself part time data entry accountancy finance jobs in Dublin today

The Irish economy is certainly not looking particularly healthy right now. Due to a series of crushing blows we now look like we'll never see the likes of the Celtic Tiger again. One case of gross mismanagement after the next has seen is go from one of the most desirable places to live in the European Union to the laughing stock of the world. At times like this you often wonder what the point in sticking around to battle through the worst of it is, especially when you could do what thousands of our youngest and most promising minds are doing by emigrating to another country.

Despite all the fuss about our current financial plight, there are an increasing number of part time positions starting to open up with various companies in the capital city. Since nobody is willing to risk a repeat of 2008's financial disasters, many companies are now hiring on a part time basis to protect themselves against the possibility of high redundancy payouts should things turn sour again.

This means that you should have a much easier time of finding part time data entry accountancy finance jobs in Dublin now than at any other time since the crisis began. In this kind of position you'll need to be familiar with Microsoft Excel, as you'll be entering a series of financial information into a spreadsheet for analysing by experts at a later date. It's not the most interesting job in the world, and you'll need the ability to work quickly and accurately, but you could earn yourself around €9.57 to €11.89 per hour.

To find these types of jobs, we recommend you pay particular attention to the large numbers of financial companies in the IFSC, Dublin's financial hub.

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