How to find part time customer service, call centres & languages jobs in Dublin

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Ireland has always had a large number of call centres and customer service headquarters located in its capital city, Dublin. There are still many positions available despite the downturn in the economy. We are now going to take a look at everything you need to know to apply to part time customer service, call centres and language jobs in Dublin.

So what does it take to work in a call centre environment?

Most call centre positions require you to have some previous experience dealing with customers. You must have an excellent telephone manner and in a lot of cases, must also be quick at typing. You should be polite and courteous and understand the need of the customer. You must also be easily motivated to work hard in part of a team and be capable of meeting and exceeding strict deadlines.

Where can I find the most recent vacancies?

Local Dublin newspapers such as The Metro are a good place to find jobs advertised. Local radio stations have daily bulletins as well. You can also check out jobs.ie. Although most of the positions are full time, they have a dedicated portion of their site to call centre positions. You could also get in touch with the company yourself with a CV.

What companies are located in Dublin?

There are loads of call centres in Dublin. A quick search on Google will list many agencies for you. Some popular companies with call centres include Irish Life, Apple, Google, Three and Hertz.

We wish you the best of luck with your search for part time customer service, call centres and languages jobs in Dublin.

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