We can help you to find part time credit control clerk jobs in Solihull England

While the majority of the United Kingdom is still gripped by the spectre of the global recession, there are a number of industries and positions out there that have a surprising number of vacancies available on a part time basis. Since many companies are now unwilling to hire new staff on full time permanent contracts since they run the risk of needing to pay out large redundancy packages should they need to downsize if things take another turn for the worse, part time jobs are become more and more common in specialist areas.

One of the fastest growing part time job opportunities are part time credit control clerk jobs in Solihull England. Despite the fact that Solihull is a relatively small area, based outside Birmingham, there are large number of companies in the area who require the services of experienced credit control clerks.

By keeping a close eye on the major UK job sites, you'll be able to stay up to date with the very latest vacancies in the area. You can expect to earn somewhere between £7.50 and £8.50 per hour while working as many as three days a week, and you will need to have at least two years worth of prior experience working in a similar role in order to be considered.

You'll find the most positions on offer in this area courtesy of Page Personnel, Reed Accountancy and Reed Specialist Recruitment. However we recommend checking out as many other companies as possible in order to give yourself the best chance of finding part time credit control clerk jobs in Solihull England.

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