Looking for ideas for a new part time Coventry career?

Struggling to come up with ideas for a new type of career for yourself? If you are living in the Coventry area then we have good news for you! There are plenty of jobs out there for you, so in this blog we're going to show you where to find a new part time Coventry career.

The first company is Norwich we suggest you check out is Jewson who are the largest chain of British general builders' merchants, selling to small building contractors and the general public. You can check out all of their available vacancies on their website at http://www.jewson.co.uk/.

Don't fancy working in building? How about a government job? Coventry City Council generally always have a wide variety of openings at their site at www.coventry.gov.uk. You can set up an account on the site and even upload your C.V so if any jobs become available at the council that you are suitable for, they will contact you.

Looking to get into teaching? There are currently a host of teaching jobs available in the area thanks to a number of new schools opening. You can check out all of the current vacancies at www.teachersforcoventry.org.uk/. This is another site that also allows you to upload your C.V, meaning you could be contacted about temporary teaching jobs as they become available.

The final site we are going to recommend you check out is Fish 4 Jobs, and their extensive Coventry section. You can find it online at coventry.fish4jobs.co.uk/.

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