Are you interested in part time chef jobs in London?

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One thing London is not short of is restaurants. And they present excellent opportunities for part time chef jobs in London.

You can pick up most of the basic chef jobs in London with a little experience and a food hygiene certificate. For the more specialised positions you may be required to show a degree from a culinary school.

There's a fantastic diversity amongst the restaurants in London and there are part time positions available for all types of chefs. Sous chef jobs, chef de partie jobs, commis chef jobs, pastry chef jobs, development chef jobs, consultant chef jobs and specialist chef jobs are all available on a part time basis.

When you're looking for part time chef jobs in London, one of the best tools you have at your disposal is the large number of job sites online. Websites like Just London Jobs, Caterer, Just Chefs and Abbey Recruitment have thousands of vacant chef jobs advertised between them.

The most important thing to do on these websites is upload your CV and make it public. This will make you available to the many employers in the London area who search these sites when they're looking for part time chefs. You can also register for email updates of any position that you might be interested as soon as it becomes available.

When you're attending interviews for part time chef jobs in London, remember to bring a folder of your work and don't be shy about letting the interviewer know about your greatest achievements and main strengths.

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