How to find part time catering jobs

Before applying for part time catering jobs you need to decide on the type of work you want and the hours you are prepared to do. Catering jobs can be early morning or late evening starts. Jobs range from breakfast cooks to private party waiters. Whatever job you chose it must not clash with other lifestyle commitments.

Specialist online recruitment agencies are a good place to start looking for part time vacancies and can give you an idea of what's on offer in the job market. Some of the better sites include caterer.com, ukcateringcareers.co.uk and bighospitality.co.uk.

Jobseekers can search jobs by type and location and apply online. You can submit a CV and register for job email alerts. Sites give good job descriptions and employer contact details.

Local and regional newspapers, radio stations, Job Centres and local authorities advertise catering vacancies as they arise. It is important to check these regularly and apply immediately as most jobs in catering are filled as soon as they are advertised.

Catering companies employ large numbers of part time staff to work in company canteens, schools, hospitals, festivals, sporting events, corporate parties, concerts and exhibitions. Some of the largest companies in the UK include Supreme Group, Aramark and Compass Group UK.

Individuals can apply speculatively to catering companies with a CV and cover letter. Alternatively you can search for vacancies and apply online via these companies' websites.

Part time catering jobs can be found quickly by registering with recruitment agencies in your area. Many agencies have specialist divisions dedicated solely to filling vacancies in the hospitality sector.


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