Where to find part time cash in hand work

Thinking about taking on some casual employment to get a little bit of money together? If so, lots of Britons turn to Cash in Hand employment every single year as it provides some simple, often spur of the moment employment, without any strings attached for either employer or employee. So how do you find these jobs?

Well, strictly speaking, part time cash in hand work is illegal in the UK, and is highly frowned upon by revenue officers as it deprives the UK government of tax money. There are some cash in hand jobs in which the employer pays the tax themselves, but these are few and far between. Therefore, these types of jobs can be slightly tricky to track down.

Perhaps the best, and only realistic option for tracking down a cash in hand job is to check out what's on offer from Gumtree. Gumtree is an informal notice board in which lots of cash in hand job opportunities are regularly posted. Often all that is given by the prospective employer is a phone number, as giving an address could see them in trouble with the law.

Finding the jobs is easy, all you need to do is point your browser towards gumtree.com/jobs/uk/cash-in-hand. Like other Gumtree pages, it lets you narrow your search by the area of the UK in which you are residing, meaning you can narrow down the search and find the job you are after. Cash in Hand jobs are perfect for people looking for casual short term employment, but just be a little bit wary that if you are being paid under the table, it means you also won't have the rights a worker "on the books" would have.

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