How to Get Part Time Call Centre Customer Service Jobs in Dublin South

The first thing that people who are looking for part time call centre customer service jobs in Dublin South will need to do is learn how to apply for these positions. Most companies that have a large call centre in operation do not want to spend time looking for employees themselves. Instead they employ the services of a recruitment agency. People who want to apply for these jobs should contact agencies such as Adecco, Hudson and Sigma Recruitment. This is just a small selection of companies that employ staff for leading Irish companies.

The salaries offered to people in a call centre environment will vary depending on what industry they are working in and their level of experience. Those who are inexperienced and are working for a company that requires minimal customer service skills can expect to be paid just above minimum wage. However those who are taking on a more complicated role within an industry such as banking or insurance will be paid much more than this. In some jobs call center representatives can be paid as much as 2000 Euros a month. Those who are in a sales role that offers sales bonuses will be able to make more than this if they sell a lot of product.

People who want to work within a call centre are generally better off working for large companies such as banks. This is because smaller companies do not offer as many perks within their employment packages. Employees who work at banks often get discounted interest rates, bank accounts with no fees, good wages and annual bonuses.

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