We can help you find part time BR4 jobs

Finding part time work these days is tougher than many people give it credit for. Not only are you up against it when it comes to the full time focused online job websites, but you'll also face a huge amount of competition from hundreds of other job seekers all looking to get themselves back into the work force. Fortunately a little local knowledge can help you find the part time BR4 jobs you're looking for.

As anyone from West Wickham will know, three of the United Kingdom's most significant part time employers are very active in the area, with stores from Sainsbury's, Iceland and Marks& Spencers all available and employing dozens of part time workers.

For anyone who has any desire or interest in working in the retail sector, these companies represent the very best out there thanks to their excellent treatment of staff, ongoing training schemes that are continually on offer, and their preference to promote from within than hiring externally.

In order to get your foot in the door for a decent part time position with them, it is almost inevitable that you'll need to take an entry level cashier or stockist role. These positions will earn you between £5.14 and £5.47 per hour, but they will serve as a great introduction to the company and its policies, while also showing management what you are capable of.

If you have previous managerial experience you might be able to get yourself a job as evening or weekend manager, where you'll be responsible for organising shifts, maintaining stock levels and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. For this you can expect to make a little more, with wages ranging from between £8.37 and £11.57 per hour.

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