We look for part time Blackpool Lancashire jobs

If you're looking for part time Blackpool Lancashire jobs but are having no luck, or are finding yourself stumped about what positions would be best suited to you, maybe we can help by recommending some of the positions currently available in the area, as well as some of the most reliable websites for finding jobs in Blackpool.

If numbers are your thing, then you might consider a part time accountancy position. These jobs usually come with a fair degree of flexibility; with no limitations on the days or precise hours you need to put in you'll be able to work around your schedule. You can expect to earn wages of somewhere between £7.00 and £8.00 per hour. To be a successful applicant for accountancy positions, you must have previous experience, as well as pay attention to detail and be an enthusiastic team player.

Or perhaps you'd prefer a customer service job in the financial industry. Many UK based financial heavyweights are constantly recruiting in the Blackpool area for the role of customer service assistant in both full and part time roles. They can offer great job prospects, excellent wages and the promise of rewarding experiences in the financial sector.

To keep yourself in the loop you can check out the excellent job site reed.co.uk, which offers a huge selection of positions across a wide variety of industries. You should also keep an eye on totaljobs.com, jobisjob.co.uk and parttimevacancies.com in order to ensure you have the best range of part time Blackpool Lancashire jobs to choose from.

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