What are your options for a part time Berkshire career?

Are you living in the Berkshire area and struggling to come up with ideas for a new part time Berkshire career? Despite being known as a quiet part of the country, there are still countless jobs to be found in Berkshire as there are plenty of companies based there. In this blog we are going to give you a few ideas for places you could apply that have a big presence in Berkshire.

The first company we suggest you check out is the HMV Group, who have their headquarters in Maidenhead Berkshire. Despite the many media reports you may have read about this company's demise, HMV are going nowhere as they start to undergo an extensive program of diversification. You can check out their site at HMV.co.uk. This site links to all of the current vacancies in the Berkshire HQ, and the management openings that are available around the country.

Another massive company based in Berkshire we suggest you check out is Centrica, the largest supplier of gas to domestic customers in the UK. Their operation is huge in the Berkshire area, and there are always a host of amazing jobs available on their site. You can check out their current range of vacancies at centrica.com. They also offer apprenticeships and Summer Work Experience placements to help you further your career too!

If you are looking for a broad overview of the jobs currently available in Berkshire, then check out the Berkshire Jobs site at berkshire-jobs.co.uk. This contains a broad overview of the jobs that are out there.


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