Using the Internet to Find Part Time Banbury Oxfordshire Jobs

The Internet is an excellent resource for finding information on just about anything and when you are looking for part time Banbury Oxfordshire jobs there is no place better to start your search. The Internet can provide you with job openings from newspaper classifieds as well as listings held by recruitment agencies.

Making Use of Your Favorite Search Engine

Using your favorite search engine you can start your job search by entering the type of job you want and the location you hope to work in. For instance, if you are looking for a part-time job as a social worker, you would enter ‘social worker job openings, Banbury Oxfordshire.’ The search results will provide many jobs relevant to your search, as well as job websites to investigate. Some of these may include totaljobs.com, Banburycake.co.uk and thecareerengineer.com.

Making Use of Careerengineer.com

This easy to navigate website will list jobs relevant to your job search based on two criteria: career type and location. Using the same example from above, you will be presented with search results that give the name of the recruiting agency, a description of the job and its requirements, location of the position and a salary range.

Checking the Local Job Ads

Banburycake.com is the online version of the local newspaper and here you will find job listings from local merchants and recruitment firms. You can search by keyword, location, distance, and whether you are looking for full time or part-time jobs.


This website offers the same options as most others. Entering your search criteria will provide information on the jobs being offered in your field, where they are located, salary being offered, as well as the date the job was posted. Whether the position is part-time, full-time, temporary or permanent is also noted.

Using the Internet to do your job search can make the job of looking for part time Banbury Oxfordshire jobs much easier.

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