We take a look at part time administrator in Coventry recruitment agencies

Nobody wants to be spending all their spare time online looking for a part time administrator in Coventry recruitment opportunity, especially now that the level of competition in the online job market has gone through the roof. Rather than wasting hours on end sat in front of your computer screen you would be much better off searching for an alternative method of finding employment.

While there's certainly a lot to be said about the excellent job sites out there right now, many of them are geared much more towards the full time side of the job market. This means that part time jobs seem to be something of an afterthought with them, making it very hard to focus on a sustained job search.

Instead, we recommend that you alleviate some of the stress involved in the job search by using the services of some of the brilliant recruitment agencies located in the Coventry area. These companies have been on the go for countless years, and have build up top class working relationships with many of Coventry's top employers, allowing them first access to a number of great administrative roles.

Rather than sitting back and letting everyone else get these great part time positions, we recommend that you sign up with the following recruitment agencies to see what they can offer you. At the very least, you'll be able to get an entry level position earning between £6.14 and £6.78 per hour, while also adding that all important work experience to your CV.

Blue Arrow, 2 Cross Cheaping, Coventry

Premier People Ltd, 27 Hereford Street, Coventry

Pertemps, 143 New Union Street, Coventry

FW Recruitment, 3 The Quadrant, Coventry

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