We can help you find part time accountancy finance jobs in Wicklow

There can't be many people left out there who aren't familiar with the extent of the economic crisis faced by the Irish people and their government right now. Even on the other side of the world our financial turmoil is headline news, but what exactly does this mean for our job prospects?

Well, things certainly aren't rosey, but fortunately they're not quite as bad as the media are making out either. Many companies have now started hiring staff again, and consumers are starting to spend a little more money again. It's improving on several fronts slowly but surely, but the fact remains that many companies are still unsure of their future in the country. This means that there is a lot of caution being exercised when it comes to hiring staff.

In the boom days companies had no problem hiring more staff than they needed, however once things started to take a downwards turn this policy proved to be incredibly expensive as redundancy payments cost companies huge amounts of money. Few are willing to make that mistake again, and are instead hiring on a part time basis instead of a full time basis.

Although this isn't great news for anyone searching for reliable work and job security, it does mean that there are some options out there at the very least. Finding part time accountancy finance jobs in Wicklow has now become a very real possibility again, as accountancy and finance jobs seem to rank high on the list of these newly created part time positions.

You can earn between €11.40 and €23.48 per hour in your part time accountancy finance job, depending on how much experience you've got in the field, by going through one of the excellent recruitment agencies in the Wicklow area. To give yourself the best chance of finding work quickly and efficiently, we recommend checking out local agencies Storm Recruitment and Jackson Stone Recruitment.

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