Fantastic part time accountancy and finance jobs in Kildare

There are fantastic part time accountancy and finance jobs in Kildare. Despite the economic crisis that Ireland is experiencing at present, there are still opportunities for part time accountants in the Kildare region. The huge economic crisis in Ireland has become major global news but at grassroots level, companies are beginning to hire again.

However, the finances of many companies are still tight and as a result there has been a shift from hiring people on a full time basis, to focusing on part time recruitment. A qualification in accountancy is still a huge asset for employers to have, as every business requires the services of an accountant.

When you are searching for employment a great place to start isirishjobs.ie. They have a number of part time accountancy positions available in the Kildare area. The salary of part time accounts ranges from 15 to 28 euro per hour, depending on experience and the company you are applying for.

Another great source in your search for employment is jobisjob.ie. This site is very useful for jobs in the accountancy sector. The local newspapers also have jobs for part time accountants, so it is worth checking out The Kildare Nationalist. This newspaper can also be found online at kildare-nationalist.ie.

Although part time jobs have no job security, in the present climate they are highly sought after. So if you are searching for a part time accountancy job in the Kildare area, use the above information to aid you in your search for employment.


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